Pancake with banana , blueberries and honey.

This is blueberry pancake recipe is an all-American option with a healthy twist by using ground oats instead of refined wheat flour.  This makes the pancakes easier to digest, as oats do not contain gliadin, the type of gluten that’s found in wheat that is particularly hard to digest.  The blueberries are, of course, a healthier and naturally sweet alternative to adding sugar or maple syrup.  This recipe makes 25 small pancakes.  For added protein, add a scoop (25g) of whey protein isolate powder of any flavour (Vanilla usually works best).


Serves 6-8


For the blueberry compote

300g (101/2oz) blueberries

1 tbsp xylitol

For the pancakes

175 (6oz) whole oat flakes, finely blended to form a flour (using a food processor)

75g (3oz) xylitol

1 large free-range and organic egg, lightly beaten

250ml (just over 8 fl oz) milk or unsweetened non-dairy milk such as rice milk.

A little coconut oil or mild or medium (not extra virgin) olive oil for frying

Option: 1 scoop (25g) of Vanilla protein powder

  1. Place the blueberries in a saucepan with a splash of water and leave to simmer gently for around 5-10 minutes until they soften.  Sweeten them to taste with the tablespoon of xylitol and set them to one side while you make the pancakes.
  2. Mix the oat flour and the 75g of xylitol in a bowl.  Option: add 1 scoop (25g) of vanilla protein powder here.
  3. Whisk the milk into the egg to form a batter the consistency of whipping cream, then stir into the dried ingredients.  Use a blender to blend the mixture so that the oats are to a fine flour.
  4. Heat a couple of teaspoons of oil in the base of a large frying pan and place tablespoons of the pancake mixture in the pan (without touching each other).  Fry for a minute or so on each side, or until firm and golden brown.  Do this in batches so as not to crowd the pan.  Place the cooked pancakes on a plate and cover with a clean tea towel to keep warm while you finish the batch.
  5. Serve the pancakes covered with the blueberry compote.  If you wish, top with a little fat free yoghurt.

Cook’s notes:

Wheat-free, dairy free if you use rice milk.  Vegetarian.

The blueberry compote can be made in advance and kept in the fridge or freezer.


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