Best Weight Loss Diet.

Which is the best diet for weight loss? There are many diets out there and it all appears to be confusing as to which one to choose. Paleo, Atkins, Cambridge, Dukan, 5:2, Vegan, Ketogenesis etc.

The problem with many people is that they start a diet but never stick to it, mainly because they find it too difficult to follow, or it requires a lot of planning, or their social life gets in the way, or it’s just not sustainable.

Calories < Calories = Weight Loss

The goal is to lose weight! Rather than worry too much about which diet to go on. You’re better off to address how many calories you are consuming in relation to the number of calories you’re expending. In order to lose weight, one must be in a slight calorie deficit i.e. Calories In < Calories Out. It is that simple! A SLIGHT calorie deficit of approximately 300-500 calories should achieve sustainable weight loss at a healthy rate.

Much larger deficits, over time, will cause your body to burn fewer calories, even as you’re exercising regularly and intensively. It slows down its metabolic processes in order to conserve energy and direct calories i.e. fat for survival. When the body is in a huge calorie deficit for long period of time, the body doesn’t see the reproductive system as essential so it shuts down and the calories can then be used for vital functions. When the reproductive system shuts down, this causes all sorts of problems such as reduced thyroid hormones, stops producing sex hormones and raises adrenal stress hormones like cortisol (which causes an increase in fat stores and water retention).

The Best Diet for Weight Loss is the one you can Adhere to!

However, to answer the question, which is the best diet? The best diet is the diet you can adhere to! Without adherence, you will not succeed! Whichever diet you choose to do, apply the slight calorie deficit rule for healthy and sustainable weight loss.


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