8 Nutrition and Fitness Tips to minimise Fat Gain at Xmas

Feel free to try out my 8 Nutrition and Fitness Tips below…

    1. Nutrition Tip – Drink plenty of Water. – The first thing you do after you wake up is to have 2 glasses of water before consuming anything else. This will help hydrate the body after your fasted state. Also, it will help fill your stomach so that you won’t feel as hungry. Water will certainly help with any hangovers from the night before.
    2. Nutrition Tip – Alternate your drinks with water. Xmas is the time for celebrating and to enjoy yourself. If you fancy a tipple or two, there is no need to cut out alcohol nor is it to drink excessively. An easy way to minimise the number of units of alcohol and calories consumed is to have a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.
    3. Nutrition Tip – Choose white spirits and white wine instead of dark spirits and beers. These are often lower in calories with less sugar. Avoid consuming cocktails because these are extremely high in sugar and alcohol (approx. 3 or 4 units per cocktail). Low-calorie beverages are Champagne, Prosecco, vodka/gin and tonic.
    4. Nutrition Tip – Keep sugar to a minimum. Try to eat more savoury foods to fill you up. Turkey is a perfect source of protein to help with muscle building and repair. Cranberry sauce is high in sugar so use sparingly. Eat as many vegetables as you like. Eat more of this food group the better. The fibre in vegetables will help with satiety and give you micronutrients the body needs to stay healthy. Keep the carbs to a minimum if you are not planning to be as active. A good guide is to measure a small handful worth of carbs per meal for women and two for men.
    5. Nutrition Tip – Use healthy recipes Xmas pudding and mince pies are usually high in calories and sugar. Try making your own to host with or take with you to any Xmas dinners. There are plenty of healthy recipes online with low sugar and reduced calories, promising the taste to be just as good as the traditional version.
    6. Nutrition Tip – Eat a high protein breakfast Eating protein will make you feel fuller for longer. You will less likely to snack, even if there are tins of chocolates and biscuits lying around the house. Good examples are scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, mushrooms, onions and spinach. Baked eggs in avocado and wholegrain toast. Greek yoghurt with nuts, chia seeds and oats.
    7. Fitness Tip – Increase your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) where possible. Help out with the grocery shopping, washing up and cooking. . The less time you are sat on the couch the less time you will mindlessly binge on unhealthy snacks. Also, it will earn you massive brownie points with your parents.
    8. Fitness Tip – Stay active throughout the festive break No access to the gym? You don’t need to be a gym member to be active. Go out for a stroll or run or try out a workout in the park. Rally your family members or friends to join in with you and make it fun. Here are a few examples you can do with your family and friends:

Time who can hold a ski sit position for longest?

Split into pairs and race each other e.g. wheelbarrow race, egg and spoon race, shuttle runs, sack race. These are sure favourites with the kids.

First person, to do 50 push-ups?

Do 4 rounds of 15 Burpees, 10 push-ups, 15 squat jumps, 5-10 chin-ups (if a climbing frame is nearby) or 15 Cobras and 15 walking lunges.



Hope you have enjoyed reading my nutrition and fitness tips for Xmas. Have Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones xx

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